After testing the First AWD DCT R33 GTR in the States, We are very excited to offer this option to the skyline enthusiasts in America.


The GETRAG GS7 DCT transmission shifts in ONLY 40 milliseconds. Cheaper, more advanced and far more reliable than a sequential.

Yes, you can use the clutch pedal (Clutch by Wire just like Drive By Wire) or paddle shift through the gears. AWD Launch Control? Absolutely, yes!.

How  much power can it handle? About 700 ft lbs in stock form or 1000 ft lbs with an upgrade Clutch& Basket combo (Ex: dodson). A replacement is readily available worldwide.


Full kit includes:

GS7 DCT Transmission machined and assembled along with the AWD adapter kit and Front bell housing kit, GCU, Mil-spec wiring, Oil cooler, mounts, front and rear shafts, oil pans, paddles, shifter.


Yes we can sell the parts separately or as a kit (bell housing adapter, GCU, Harness only, oil cooler, etc).


Detailed video coming soon!


Any questions? send us an email.


  • 50 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1