GTR Transformation.

R34 GTR. 348 to 600HP!!

Here's HOW:

-Precision Turbo 6768 BB and a custom turbo kit.

-Flexfuel compatible fuel system.

-Haltech electronics.

Car made about 604 WHP on E80 at 26 PSI.

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Brian's R33 GTR shown on the video features:

-6768mm Precision BB Turbo.

-Tial wastegates.

-FIC 2200CC injectors:

 Large injectors with excellent drive-ability power output and fuel economy.

-Haltech electronics:

 Flex sensor

 State of the art boost control, E85/ pump gas blending, Launch control, traction control, engine protection & many other amazing features.

-AEM In-tank E85 fuel pumps:

 E85 requires at least 30% more fuel volume. These reliable and economical pumps are the way to go!


Power output increased from 600WHP (91 oct) to 766 WHP (E66) on an RB26 engine.

Massive difference from 17 psi to 30 psi. Having a flex sensor is the best bolt on you could do to a Turbocharged car.

Car is a daily driver than runs reliably and consistently. (Yes, A/C still works).

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