Let's innovate the game!


3D Printing brings in huge advantages to Motorsports and vehicle restoration.

The technology allows us to create complex parts in a matter of hours during any time of the day. There are dozens of materials to choose from.  Crystal clear plastic, carbon fiber, nylon, polyurethane or flexible material, abs in many different colors and many more coming soon.


How can we improve your project car?


Custom Parts:

-Race cars are purely made with purpose-oriented parts. Some of them are sold online and some must be made to suit specific requirements. Clear examples are custom overflow cans, motorcycle velocity stacks, brake caliper ducts, custom steering wheels, drive belts, motor-mounts, bushings, electronics connectors and all kinds of brackets.


Vehicle Restoration:

-In the past, we've had customers look for  classic car parts which are nearly impossible to find due to the age of the car. Fortunately, we are able to recreate the same part or an improved version of any interior & exterior components. A few examples are tail lights, consoles, dashboards, A/C Ducts and many other accessories.


How does it work?

We design or 3d Scan the object or part. Our talented staff utilizes fast CAD software to be able to reproduce the part as accurately as possible. The next step is to manufacture the item via FDM or SLA 3d printers.



3D Printing Strong

-Rapid prototyping or 3D Printing is evolving very quickly. Today, we are able to manufacture strong, light-weight car parts than can handle Thousands of pounds and the good news is that we can do it out of exotic materials like carbon fiber or kevlar.
-Complexity is free, no need to use a 5 axis CNC machine.
-Costs keep going down as printing speed keeps increasing so stay tuned for more exciting car parts(steering wheels, unique interior parts, shifters, brackets and the list keeps growing!)
-Contact us to make your ride more Original!