Here are the various options:

-91 octane 400 hp plus option:

Its very simple, you just need 1 Walbro 450 fuel pump, 1 Nismo Fuel pressure regulator and a set of FIC 1200cc injectors. 

-Flex fuel Fuel Basic:

1650cc FIC injectors, fuel rail,fuel regulator, lines and filttings, 1 walbro 450 pump, flex fuel kit. Good for 660 Whp on e85.

-E85 ULTIMATE R Flexfuel system:

Ethanol requires a large amount of Volume delivery. This options includes 1 fuel pump(450lph) and 1 external Magnafuel fuel pump, inline fuel filter,2150cc FIC injectors, fuel pressure regulator, Radium fuel rail, Teflon lines & fittings, surge tank and flex fuel sensor. If you plan to run pump gas and e85 with lots of boost; This is what you are looking for. 




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