AWD T56 FOR RB Coming Soon!

Yes, r32 r33 and r34 owners can now

replace the 25-30 year old transmission for a brand new 6 speed AWD T56.

Official release coming very soon.

-2 different gear ratios

-Rated to 700 ftlbs

-Brand new

-Parts readily available(gears, synchros, etc

-Includes all necessary parts(clutch, internal release bearing, shafts, shifter, Mounts and instructions)

-NO T-CASE included, you'll need to use the original one that came in the car

Sold only as a kit since the internals have to be changed to match the 4wd t-case. 

-Priced much cheaper than any other 6 speed sequential on the market)


GTR 6 speed KIT

What's better than a 6 speed R32 R33 or R34?!


Below are the best transmission options:



OEM r34 6 speed trans, NEW r34 transfer case, r34 shifter, Nismo shift knob, NEW r34 awd front shaft, NO trans mount, , r34 pull type fork assembly, r34 slave cylinder.

This kit is 98% of what you need to convert a 5 speed r32 or r33 to a 6 speed. Note: you will need to mod your trans bracket to fit the r34 trans mount. Recommended for 600 whp. Gears won't brake but syncros and forks can fail above this power level.

Note: You will need a clutch kit. We carry nismo pull type or Spec Twin disk  push type. Both support over 700whp.




The most popular transmission in Formula drift, rally and drag cars worldwide.  Billet case, billet R32 R33 R34 shifter, gear indicator screen, flat shift sensor, billet transfer case adapter, internal slave cylinder and cast bell housing.   Various ratios available. Recommended for serious high output engines. Note: transfer case sold separately.  Note: You will need a clutch kit. We carry Spec Twin disk  push type. Both support over 900whp.


-PPG sequential options: new 23000, used 18000. Only 1 used one available.



  • 99 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

T56 Magnum for RWD Nissan RB motors.

bellhousing $990
Close ratio T56 magnum with shifter $3800. 
550 ft lbs clutch and flyheel $990    or    900 ft lbs clutch  Twin disk $1300
Internal throw-out bearing kit  $500
Willwood master cylinder  3/4 in. You will need an adapter plate to fit to the skyline. Whole kit is $250.
Freight is normally $500 to 700 within the states, not international. NOT included in the price.
AWD T56 Magnum Coming Soon! (R32-34 only)


  • 100 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1


Pull type r34 gtr clutch kit.


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1