GTR 6 speed KIT

What's better than a 6 speed R32 R33 or R34?!


Below are the best transmission options:



OEM r34 6 speed trans, r34 transfer case, r34 shifter, r34 shift knob, r34 awd front shaft, r34 trans mount, r34 pull type clutch, r34 pull type fork assembly, r34 slave cylinder.

This kit is 98% of what you need to convert a 5 speed r32 or r33 to a 6 speed. Note: you will need to mod your trans bracket to fit the r34 trans mount. Recommended for 600 whp. Gears won't brake but syncros and forks can fail above this power level.




The most popular transmission in Formula drift, rally and drag cars worldwide.  Billet case, billet R32 R33 R34 shifter, gear indicator screen, flat shift sensor, billet transfer case adapter, internal slave cylinder and cast bell housing.   Various ratios available. Recommended for serious high output engines. Note: transfer case sold separately.  



  • 100 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1