Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication includes:

-Roll cages: built according to rule books from different motorsports such as Road racing, Drag racing and Drifting.

-Impossible engine swaps.

-Forced induction Systems.

-Classic car restoration: Our staff and tools allow us to bring back to life the timeless engineering of the past. We are able to recreate a hard to find part by using professional scanning tools along with the latest CAD software to finally 3d print what you can't find.

-The materials we use are:

Titanium (Exhaust tips, strut bars)

Chromoly (roll cages, suspension components)

Aluminum (Intake plenums, fuel cells, forced induction piping)

Plastics ranging from abs to tough engineering nylon (Interior parts, dashboards)

Composites like Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass.


Our experience with fabrication and electronics allow us to take on most challenges  in order to fully restore your vehicle or get it ready for the street or competition events.