Meticulous EFI Calibration  under partial and wide open throttle.



We  Tune OEM ECU's from popular models: R35 GTR, Porsche 911, 370z, Honda s2000, Ecoboost mustang, Focus RS, 350z, G35, G37, Chevrolet LSX and many others.


Standalone's are our speciality for Highly modified machines!



What do we sell and tune?


  • AEM V1, V2, Infinity Starts at $500
  • Haltech  Starts at $500
  • HPTuners  Starts at $550 including license
  • A'Pexi Power FC  Starts at $450
  • EcuTek.  Starts at $700 including license
  • Vi-PEC
  • LINK ECU Starts at $450
  • MegaSquirt Starts at $450
  • COBB Starts at $600
  • Hondata S300, K-Pro, FlashPro Starts at $450
  • Up Rev Starts at $600 including license




Tuning Rate: $100/hr

Dyno Rental Rate (You Tune yourself): $100/hr


Our dyno is a 2wd DYNOJET (Inertia Dynamometer)

Typically, tuning takes between 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the car.

Contact us to discuss your particular setup as we also offer flat rates for most setups.


Note: Any delay in the tuning process caused by charge pipes coming off, nonfunctional components, will result in additional fees. The vehicle must be ready to tune without any inconveniences. Any issues which need to be addressed will be fixed at our hourly labor rate.